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Legacy of Rourke

Bloodshed. Rebellion. Chaos. Endless War. No substance has ever left the North in such a tumultuous state. Such is the legacy of Rourke: division and controversy. Only found in the ink of an arctic-climate cephalopod by the name Reourkekeunt, it is one of the most sought after and most hated substances in the world. Now, the ice that once coated the floor of the three free cities of the White Sea has been replaced by frozen blood.

Since the rise in popularity of Rourke, Five Great Factions have emerged. The Harvesters wish to preserve their right to hunt and consume Reourkekeunti. The Rourkapri seek to protect these creatures they consider sacred. The Rourkind-Trave seek to ban their consumption and exterminate every last one of them. The White Sea Academy stands safely away from the carnage and wish to study the animal. The Rourke Trading Company is a criminal superpower having risen from many groups of criminal organizations to smuggle Rourke from the White Sea to trade it with the rest of Asare.

Many have tried to escape and seek shelter far away, eventually building a fourth free city to the West by the name of Safe Sanctuary. But as the Reourkekeunti begin migrating West, away from the dangers of the other White Sea city, it is inevitable that they eventually will reach Safe Sanctuary. And when they do, blood will paint its streets... And with the Eirene Empire at the verge of crumbling and the looming threat of rebellion in Northern Valencia, it seems like very soon there will be nowhere to hide from the bloodshed. Perhaps joining the winning side and helping a particular faction forge an empire would be the only route to peace.

Time and time again will you have to answer this question, but right now, you must only answer it for yourself: where will you stand in the chaos?

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