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When the wind blows too strongly and the ground is frozen solid,
Even the bravest of warriors dare not step foot outside of the cities.
The real danger lies not in the chaos of war, nor in the instability of wavering leaders.
There is a much graver danger, a very recent one despite its ancient nature.
Courage is usually advocated for, but fear and caution is the recommendation of the wisest on Caravana Island...
Discover an island like no other, with a secret bound to terrify even the most fearless adventurers...
But nothing can compare to such a challenge for those who seek some excitement in their life.

Make your home in Hanmer with the snow elves and become part of the community...
Make a living in Sarana, you are bound to find plenty of opportunities -- whether your means be honest or quite questionable...
Train in blood magic with the Sanguinare in Ivory Bridge Fort, the only city entirely built inside a fortress in Asare...
Or come to Port Lyon and join the fight against the Eirene Empire...

But wherever you go, one thing is for sure...
Mind your surroundings for your soul is never safe from the Asarean wraiths.

A new day will dawn upon Carvana Island in: 1h, 19m, 43s (real time).

The newest resident of the island is: Newcomer Rex

The Hermit's Hunt Leading Competitor is Heroine Helga.
You look familiar. Tell us who you are and you will be allowed to enter Caravana Island once again:

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