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WK Rewards
Heroine Helga2018-04-07 11:19:10
WK rewards are coming soon so go slay wraiths and reap the rewards when they arrive! ;)

Special Donation Rewards
Heroine Helga2018-03-26 12:06:54
I would like to open up to you guys. The past few months have been very difficult, all leading up to the events of Sunday. As of Sunday, I no longer have a place to stay, which means nowhere to sleep. I live in Canada, so the weather is fairly cold outside. I need to find a place ASAP but I cannot afford it.

I therefore ask for your help through donations to Legacy of Rourke -- which help me directly. Anything at all helps.

Your kindness will not go unrewarded. Any donation up to 25$ will get to choose from the 51-75$ donation package, any any up to 50$ will get to choose from the 76-100$ mark. Any donation over 50$ will earn you the rewards of the rainbow category of 101+$ donations.

In addition, there are other incentives!
Any donation will earn you double donation points and the ability for your character to feature in one of our shops or similar modules.
Any donation of 10$ or more will earn you a personalised RP zone for your character that you have control over! It can be huge and have numerous different sections to make a huge RP area.
Any donation 20$ or more will earn you the ability to have a website of your cgoice advertised in a dedicated section -- it can be your LotGD, a link to your social media page, etc and will earn you triple donation points.
Any donation of 30$ or more will earn you the status of contributor and allow you to make important decisions with us as part of our team and access to the Superuser grotto.
Any donation of 40$ or more will allow you to access every hidden feature as they are added, which means bonus perks for you.
Any donation of 50$ or more will allow you to create your very own city complete with the modules you want in it!
Any donation of 75$ or more will earn you the right to have me make a template that will suit your eyes more and enhance your experience with the colours you want -- named after you!
Any donation of 100$ or more will earn you the right to have your own sideplot to the story added, complete with cities and locations that go along with it. You are in charge of this story!

Note that perks from lower dollar amounts apply to higher amounts and donation incentives from the packages mentioned apply IN ADDITION to these.

Any donation will also allow you the ability to make a wish once a month which will be granted, within reason. If you really want a specific perk but only have enough for a lower donation, please contact me and we will work something out!

Thank you! Anything helps!

Heroine Helga2018-03-23 23:52:44
A contest begins today until April 15th! You run the chance of winning an Amazon e-gift card valued at 20 USD!

All you have to do is use your referral link when inviting players to join the site and ensure they sign up using it, then petition with the name of the character you referred. This WILL be verified, cheating will lead to automatic disqualification.

For every player that you refer, your name will be added to the draw for the gift card. For example, if you refer 5 players, your name will be present in the draw 5 times. Start referring and reap the rewards! Winners will be announced April 16th!

New Templates!
Heroine Helga2018-03-23 13:00:17
Although you may recognize the names of most of the templates if you have been here for a while, the original 3 templates have undergone some major enhancements! A fourth template has been added as well!

Nocturnal Sea: The most authentic Legacy of Rourke experience. It gives the vibes of a dark sea as its name would imply, which perfectly represents Caravana Island! The sea-inspired colors allow you to really feel the seafaring Gallian culture's presence! This is a very organised and efficient template and the default template for Legacy of Rourke!

Psychedelics: Who says you need to drop acid to see the world in colour? Our psychedelics template allows you to experience a lively array of colours throughout your gameplay! This template screams psychedelic trip, yet is quite easy on the eyes despite the array of colours! This is my personal favourite.

Premium Gold: Classy and elegant, the Premium Gold template is the perfect combination of light and dark colours. It gives a feeling of luxury and intensity, yet keeps everything quite simple by its layout.

Twisted Jade: A twist on one of the classical templates -- none other than Jade! This will give LotGD server but was enhanced to give a much more updated feel to it! This is the perfect template for minimalists and beginners alike!

No matter what template you choose, you will enjoy the aesthetic of the layout and colour combinations and will not be disappointed! Feedback would be greatly appreciated! There are more templates to come!

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