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Heroine Helga2018-01-20 22:58:54
Legacy of Rourke

Heroine Helga2018-01-12 22:28:46
Welcome to Rourke! We are still in development, but I have decided to open to welcome your ideas as beta players to help the site grow!

Due to the fact we are still in our development period, there are still things to be worked on! We are trying to fix the badnav on new days, but for now, just refresh your page and you will be good to go!

If you have any questions, ask myself or Dareas, as some sections of the Lore are not quite finished yet. We are, however, working on it as fast as we can. Please be sure to read the storyline and follow the roleplay guidelines as well as the site rules.

If you report any issue we are unaware of, you will be rewarded. Enjoy your time on Caravana Island!

Message me with your character name if you have a character on Silverwine and you will get 50 DP. If you have over 1 DK on Silverwine, you will get 100 DP. If you have over 1 DK and RP regularly on Silverwine, you will get 200 DP.

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