Emerald Scarab
Heroine Helga2018-07-22 21:42:07
I am proud to announce the completion of my new template, Emerald Scarab! It is by far my best work when it comes to templates so far and I highly recommend it. However, if your eyes cannot see small letters, I recommend my Concrete template!

There are also two more available templates that are my designs or edits: Black Sword and Black, White & Rose. Enjoy!

Two New Establishments!
Heroine Helga2018-07-12 15:23:59
Two new establishments have been created in Safe Sanctuary.

The first is Dame Rouge Burlesque Lounge. It currently just acts as a RP area but more features are to be added.

The second is Bev's Gambling Extravaganza which has numerous rp areas as well as unique features for you to explore, including a hotel for you to safely sleep in now that PvP has been activated!

Have fun!

Heroine Helga2018-07-02 18:18:01
After much consideration, it has been decided that the classic lotgd experience will be available as an option in Safe Sanctuary. Eventually, you will have to choose one or the other, but for now it is the only method available. This will remain true until our new gameplay system is in place. You will then have to revoke your ability to participate in the new gameplay style in favour of the classic gameplay style. Happy levelling! The Tundra does not currently fit the site theme, nor do the weapon shop, armor and bank but all this will be updated very soon to fit the theme of Safe Sanctuary! Thank you!

Another Update!
Heroine Helga2018-06-29 11:49:06
Another update has been added to Rourke. The "Lore" section has been updated to fit the new theme through Race Information Sheets in the Archives of Asaris as well as a new character creation help section and updated roleplaying guidelines and site rules. Please take the time to look these over -- the Objective History of the Five Great Factions and summaries of each race are required reading for roleplay and will prove quite helpful during character creation.

Roleplay is now open to all! The story has been completed, but new updates which will not interfere with the story but COMPLIMENT it will be added in the next few weeks to make a more complete lore. You have enough information, however, to create your character. A list of Gods is my next project for this specific area.

Please note I will also be working on my biography as a model as well as to denote Helga's role as the leader of one of the great factions in the war. The other factions have no leaders yet so leadership is open through roleplay, just send me a letter first!

The Gods lore project, however, is going to be put on a sideburner as I will now be working on basic game mechanics to cater to the players who do not wish to roleplay!

Thank you everyone!

Update on the New Developments!
Heroine Helga2018-06-27 12:59:40
Much progress has been made, but there is still so much to be done. Next on the list of develpments are a race character creation sheet which will kick off the possibility for roleplay, as well as the beginning of the game mechanics building (an alternative to the levelling system of other lotgds!)

Construction Period
Heroine Helga2018-06-09 12:16:21

Rourke is in a period of development and all advancements are being done on a test site, so while you may not see progress, just know that a new and improved Rourke is on the way!


Heroine Helga2018-04-28 23:30:55
The avatar module was revamped. I can find the old links to your avatars, just let me know who had one and I will transfer it onto the new module.

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